Overview of my Side Projects

Shopify goeroe

A landingpage to get new leads for shopify projects.

Kop op een kop

Website to upload image, remove its background and shopify checkout. Then it uses the printful api to create the order.

My personal blog

A blog using jekyll, new deploy is triggered on every commit. Blog posts are markdownfiles.

Average sky in Ghent

We download a picture from the local observatory's webcam and use sharp to cut out a part of this image. We calculate the avarage color of this image and set it on the website. Then we also query the site https://www.kanikeenkortebroekaan.nl to see if we can wear shorts.

Bee Farm

Play a video and listen to timeUpdate to trigger actions based on time in the video

Your words

Turn audio into a wave to be printed on a canvas

Instagram scraper

Scrape images from instagram and save them to airtable.

360 degree slider

Rotate a shoe

Hanta Yo


Onepager demo

One pager with 3 sections

Fabulous V

Website for nail studio

Wij dragen zorg


Rad van fortuin

Guess the word

React bundler

Webpack setup to generate react bundles to be injected in other websites

De gouden plooi

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Winke Besard website

Portfolio website for artist and sculptor Winke Besard.


A node function, hosted on google cloud functions, that can take an url of a PDF file and returns the text from that PDF.

Shopping list

A PWA shopping list app. Uses firestore and google sign-in

Tinify app

Drag images on this desktop application and it uses the tinify api to minify them.

Cloudbuild watcher

Using pub sub we set a flag if the build fails, an arduino polls this endpoint and turns on a red led if the build is failing.


Get blurhash for images in airtable.

Draag een masker

Using face detection place mouth masks in front of every face of an uploaded picture

Westerling & MacLean

Landing page for new agency


A site where you can add a reservation for bumperballs, data comes from airtable. form data is saved to google sheet that is used in a glide app.


Artworks selected to inspire children to draw flowers.

2 years bothrs

Birthday card for 2 years bothrs. Everybody could fill in a form, and this data is saved in airtable. Data is fetched using cloudfunction.

A en G

Website with drawings of A & G

Wie ist

Game where you upload picture in first phase, and then have to guess who's pictures it is.

News mock

Create a fake news article.


WrItE A sArCaStIc TwEeT.

Countdown timer

Countdown timer written on the train.

Chimney sweep

Boilerplate for business page. Modern look and feel.

Distance calculator app

A popup in existing squarespace website, that calculates the distance and price to rent a piano. Backend using lambda functions, and google sheets as a database. Glide app allows data to be viewed and processed on smartphone.


A simple blackjack game, created to test deploying using microsoft pipelines and azure static hosting.

Is it vegan

webapp that scans barcodes and checks the ingredients

Franky's trip

A leaflet map, keeping track of messages sent with a satellite phone.

Patient companion app

First draft of an app, using svelte.


Find as many words as you can, and challenge someone to do better

Password generator

Generates a random password


An app to exercise your sums.

Tile slider

Slide the tiles to reveal the picture.

Shut the box

Roll the dice and shut the box


upload images to an S3 bucket

Dat site

A site hosted using dat/hashbase technology.


React storybook to keep different design atoms

Pdf generator

Use puppeteer to surf to a site and generate a PDF


Get images from dropbox


A bot that sends dad-jokes (https://icanhazdadjoke.com) to a slackchannel

Budget spel

Beheer het budget van het gezin van Nadia en Anwer.

Canvas Sockets

A socket io app that lets you chat in a room and play around with a drawing canvas

Message in a bottle

Write down a message and choose a key to encrypt it with, together with a hint for the key. You can now share this encrypted message using whatsapp, where the user will receive a link and the hint to guess the key and decrypt the message.

Broodje Aap

A user can submit an order using a slash command in slack. These will be saved to a mongoDB. Prices and products are scraped from the website using cheerio, and are triggered weekly using cron-jobs. A chrome extension reads the data from the database and uses it to fill in the forms on the order website.

Crowdfunding mock

A mock crowdfunding app. Data is sent to AWS and saved in dynamo DB.

Opposite Adjectives

A flashcard game where you guess the opposite of an adjective.

Sitemap Updater Bot

When a new Storyblok project has been posted its Slackbot will send me a slack message. This triggers this bot. First it gets alle the projects from the Storyblok API, and it updates the routes file of this blog via the Github API. After that is uses the Slack API to send me a notification on slack. When it pushes the new content to github this triggers Travis and a new version will be deployed, with updated sitemap.

Kiss Counter

A Kiss Counter made for Ann.

Wat staat er op mijne pas?

A picture is send as a base64string up to a lambda function on AWS. There a python script extracts all text from it and sends this back. The text then gets rendered on a canvas at the correct location

Django blog

A python Django-site deployed on heroku.

Comics store

A small project to keep track of comic books owned. Its build using graphQL and preact, and is hosted on a AWS S3 bucket.


Type the words as fast and correct as possible. This was a test to use the pug templating language, and get it up and running together with less using parcel. It is being hosted on neocities, and the scores are kept in a AWS database using lambda functions.


A Gitbot that connects to a repo thanks to a webhook. On every new pull request it sends an email, adds some labels and formats the pullrequest. Functions are run on AWS lambda, and uploaded with claudiajs. It uses Husky as a precommit hook to upload new versions to AWS.

Who is Daniel?

A site where you can upload pictures that will be used at random as the background, get tarot cards, or leave a message.

This site

This site contains all my sideprojects, and lists all the used techniques/recourses.

To2do app

A simple todo app. Signup or login can be done with username passport or using google login.

End Learning

Users can log in and make exercises, and get scores. Admin can upload new courses.


Get weather using HTML5 geolocation. Coordinates are sent to weather-API and google-API to get the name of the location and the current weather.

Ster der zee

Comic, with admin panel where the user can login into with his google account. In the admin area, the allowed email addresses can be added or removed, pictures can be uploaded and be put in order.


A minesweaper clone. High scores are saved in a database.


A demo app in react and redux to keep orders. And api that calculates the price.

Particle-data-collector 2000

A Particle Photon with light sensor and thermometer send its data to this server that saves it to a database. The server uses handlebars and bulma css to show the data to the user.

Chess game

A chess game you can play using websockets. Work in progress 🤣 Wrote webpack config from scratch.

Helder Playbook

CRM program

Curriculum Vitae

I made this cv based on googles material design, and added a download as pdf button.